Please remember: Cat Café Mad is for adults and children OVER 5 years of age. Children 5-7 please make a reservation.

Cat Cam

 We DID IT (Kickstarters)!!! We still need to build a cat tunnel, so please continue to contribute  or at the cafe. Thank you all!!!

August is our renovation month. We will post any closings but we will have a full service cafe in September. Come back for our timeline as we get closer to build.

WE WILL BE CLOSED AUGUST 21st to 23rd for Renovations. No reservations will be taken.

Free drinks with cafe entry for the rest of August until we open the cafe.


The purpose of Cat Café Mad is to provide the public with a chance to experience the love, fun, and happiness that comes from owning a cat in a relaxing atmosphere.  We have adopted cats from four different shelters and also have some foster cats from two local shelters, and we provide customers with information about the shelters. Our goal is to bring the worldwide model of cat cafés to the US and help the “cat craze” by bringing awareness to adopting and fostering cats.  Our fosters are available for adoption and we usually have around 15 up for adoption.  We have partnered with many of the shelters and find our partnerships rewarding for both sides.

There is a adult $10 cover charge that includes one drink (coffee, tea, and soda) and unlimited time with the cats. Students, Seniors (60+), Veterans and Children only pay $7.00. Loyalty rewards, gift cards, and memberships are available, and reduce the entry fee. Additionally, our weekly events offer reduced fees through our Meetup Group.

20 Friendly Cats

It’s been proven that petting cats reduce stress.  Our cats are friendly, cuddly, and cute. Come visit your favorite cat and stay for tea, coffee, or a soft drinks. Our cats are not mad: just the humans. Although our cats are super friendly — they are cats. We therefore ask you to sign a waiver in case a cat decides you move like a mouse. We also have at least 10 cats that are fosters and up for adoption. This is a moving number as shelters bring cats in regularly for love & fun.

Large Variety of Drinks

We have self-service drinks: so make your favorite coffee brew or tea, or crack open a cold cat_on_chairsoda, juice, or bottle of water. This is done for the health and safety of the cats and by mandate of the health department and zoning laws. A carafe of Starbuck’s Dark Brew is always freshly made and ready for drinking. This is changing by September when we open our cafe in the front for Barista Coffee service and Crepes. We’ll be open breakfast, lunch and dessert.

Comfortable Seating:  Seriously?

We do have chairs and comfy couches, but most people like our mats in the middle:  come on down and play with our cats. Park your drink on a table and get down and comfy with the cats. They like toys, like to play, like to cuddle, and of course, to get loved.




Pro tip: You can actually study here as well (mostly during the day): we have tables, chairs, and couches with lots of cat scratches. Did we mention free WiFi?

Convenient Hours

Our hours for August:

WE WILL BE CLOSED AUGUST 21st to 23rd for Renovations. No reservations will be taken.

Open Walkin Hours:

Monday  Noon – 1  PM  & again 6:00 PM – 7:00PM

Tuesday Noon – 1 PM  & again 6:00 PM – 7:00PM

Wednesday 6:00 PM -7:00 PM  (We welcome helpers who want to clean with us from 11:30am to 1 PM)

Mon- Wed: Reservations Only for groups 6 + or children under 8 Years. One hour limit. 

Thursday to Sunday: Daily rate is unlimited hours:

Thursday 3 PM to 8 PM
Friday 11 AM to 9 PM
Saturday 11 am to 10 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM

Funding Option to Cats