Sunny’s Back, Memberships, and More!

Hello Feline Friends!

A whirlwind of events have been happening here at Cat Cafe Mad, so we thought we would take a second to share them with you!

First and most importantly… Sunny has returned! For those of you who don’t know, Sunny is our friendly tabby who sits dutifully at our front door waiting for his chance to explore what’s beyond the glass. Unfortunately, he snuck out last month and didn’t return. We did all we could to search for him; spreading the word online, contacting the local shelters, hunting the area ourselves. To our surprise and delight, many of you reached out to us, or even ran into the store spotting you had seen a orange tabby in the area! With the help of you and the community, Sunny was spotted Saturday, October 29th near Regent St, and was picked up by his former owner to re cooperate before returning to the cafe. His brother Sammy, the rest of the cats, and all of the staff gave him a warm welcome back!


Next up: Memberships! Do you frequently visit the cafe? Are you a fan of our events or merchandise? Purchasing a monthly membership may be a good fit for you! The more you visit our cats, the more you save, and there are memberships for adults, students, senior citizens, families, and more! Other perks to the membership include 10% off merchandise, two $5 guest passes monthly, events included for free, as well as many additional benefits. Check out the membership section of our page to learn more, but this new opportunity isn’t one to miss!



Last but not least, we have had some awesome events lately with great turnout! Featured above is arts and crafts with cats night, where guests made their own cat toys to use at the cafe or take home with them. Some went above and beyond and brought their own supplies from home, we saw some real creativity and the cats loved it! Trivia night was also a great success, and our special guest “Paws Button” (Ryan, an attendant) was a real hit as the host. This past Thursday was Belly Dancing with cats, and our upcoming events include yoga with cats on November 6th and board game night on November 17th! Check out our Facebook page for more information about upcoming events at the cafe.


From all of us at Cat Cafe Mad,

Stay Purrrfect