Holiday Update!

Meowy Christmas and Happy Hannucat everyone!

Okay, enough with the cat puns… we have some Cat Cafe updates we would love to share with you!

First, Clem has received the best gift of all– a forever home! Our (previously) adoptable playful black and white kitten was adopted this past weekend, and we loved seeing his excited owners take him home with them! We’d love to see more of our adoptable cats find homes, because as the weather gets colder, these furry kitties want more and more to cuddle with their human. So, to get you all in the spirit, here’s a bit of info on a few of the cats!



If you haven’t been to the cafe in a few weeks, you may not have met Emmy, but she’s not new to our family. Emmy started her life at the cafe as a shy, timid cat. She spent most of her time out of the public eye, but as of late she is one of the friendliest cats we have! Like Sylvie, her unofficial twin, she will hop on your lap as soon as you sit down. If you dare to stand up, she will be at your feet in hopes you will change your mind. Her soft purrs are endearing and her bossy attitude will keep you smiling, so come and take Emmy home!



Elise has always been a social butterfly. She loves to be the center of all customers’ attention, and she is quick to hop up on your lap and command to be pet! Elise loves to explore, so expect her to scope out every inch of your house for the best napping spots. There will never be a dull moment with Elise around, so if you’re looking for an adventure, Elise is the cat for you!




If you’ve been to the cafe, you’ve definitely met Miles. He’s one of our many tabbies, but his unique coloring, pattern, and facial structure make him one of a kind. Miles is an independent, confident cat, and while he loves to be pet, he won’t often hop up and sit on your lap. However, he won’t hesitate to play with you, and you might often feel him rub up against your leg looking to hang out. If Miles sounds like the cat for you, come visit him at the cafe!



Our final update is one very important to the cafe. We have now created opportunities for individuals and businesses to sponsor a cat! While Cat Cafe Mad is unbelievably grateful for our customers, our vet care and cat costs have made it difficult for our business to be successful. For this reason, we humbly ask for help in making sure you all can continue to come to this wonderful and unique business to spend time with our cats! Do you have a favorite? Do you feel the spirit of giving this holiday season? Check out the sponsorship page on our website and consider helping our kitties!


From all of us at Cat Cafe Mad, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!