Cat Spotlight: Gabriel

Beginning this week, we are introducing cat spotlights for our adoptable cats! Take a more in depth look at each of our cats to decide if you would like them to join you in your forever home!


Age: Five

Favorite Activity: Follow the leader

Worst Fear: Running out of wet food

When you see Gabriel lounging around in the cafe, your first thought will surely be “That’s one BIG cat!” But as you get closer and begin to give him some attention, you will realize the only thing thats extra large about him is his head! His quirky look is extremely endearing, and if you want to own a cat that stands out from the rest, Gabe is your boy! His personality matches his look, as he is sure to make you laugh. When he realizes you want to pet him behind the ears, scratch his chin, and stroke his back, he won’t let you go. If you walk away, he will most likely stand up and stroll along behind you because he can’t lose that person who loves to give him attention. His soft tabby coat is a bit fluffier than the rest, which only makes for continued petting. When it comes to playtime, entertaining does not begin to describe him. His quirkiness extends to his playing as well, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing as you watch him bat a toy across the floor. He doesn’t love to be held, he would rather accompany you around from the floor! He is adoptable through Community Cat and a one-of-a-kind kitty!