Cat Spotlight: Garfield and Odie


Age: 4 years


Before I die I want to: Scale a mountain (Garfield), Travel the world (Odie)


Desired Super Power: Flight (Garfield), Super-speed (Odie)


Contrary to the infamous cartoon duo, our Garfield and Odie are a pair of sleek orange tabby brothers, though their distinct personalities could definitely warrant a cartoon of their own! Garfield is the smaller of the two (which may contradict the image you previously had in your head), and Odie is larger with an ashier tint to his fur. You can tell them apart from our other orange tabbies because of their narrow faces, which make them striking and beautiful to look at!




Garfield is leader of the two, and sees everyone who walks into Cat Cafe Mad as a friendly face. He will walk up to you and rub against your leg to say hello, and if that doesn’t work he will start talking to you until you give up and pet him. Odie is also an avid snugger, and not only does he love to be held but if you sit down with him after that he will remain on your lap for the long haul. However, beware that he loves to climb… on you! He will climb up to your shoulder and perform a balancing act to show off in front of you and the other kitties.



Odie is shyer than Garfield, but still has a fun and friendly personality! He also loves to ask for attention like his brother, and you’ll enjoy listening to his surprisingly squeaky meow. He is definitely more playful, and will run after the feather toy or even bat something around on his own. Odie also loves to be pet and to snuggle, but would rather do it on his own terms and not be picked up. The two of them are usually inseparable, and you will often find them sharing meals together or lounging next to each other. If you are looking for some playful and cuddly cats to liven up your life, come meet and adopt Garfield and Odie!