Training Your Cat with Positive Reinforcement.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of adding a Pet cat to there family knows how hard it can be to train them to do the most basic things. Scratching, Jumping on Furniture you don’t want them to Etc. The Key to Changing your cats’ behaviour is Positive Reinforcement.

What is Positive Reinforcement?
Reinforcement pertains to something you do that will cause your cat to repeat the desired behaviour. Discipline is something you do that will result in a behaviour NOT being duplicated. You can have both positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment.

Let’s start with the basics, How to Stop your cat from Doing something you don’t want them to do.

The trick to anything with cats is instant Action, What do I mean by that? As soon as you see them doing the Undesired act, INSTANTLY ACT ON IT!.
Example, If your cat jumps onto a piece of furniture you don’t want them on, Immediately pick them up and put them on the ground and tell them no. After a few times of this happening, they will no longer repeat the act you don’t like.

The complete opposite can be done for something you want to train them to do. i.e POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!

When training your cat to do anything you want them to do, Go to the Bathroom in there litterbox, Train to come when called, etc. Positive Reinforcement is your best friend.

When your cat does something you want them to do that is desired. Reward them with a Treat, Cuddles, Etc. The most popular is a treat but for cats who are on a restricted diet, Cuddles work just as well. This is a way of them knowing that the act they just did is something that will result in something they like. This might take some time but eventually, this will always work, Or, almost always. don’t quote me on everything.

Now I know this is a very Streamlined Blog post with a very streamlined Subject. So tell me in the comments what you want to learn about, hear about, or even just suggestions for blog posts in the future. Until Next Time,

Alan, Cat Cafe Mad