How to fatten up a cat

fatten up the cat







When you decided to adopt a cat

and you found it too skinny, the first advice to fatten it up is to give a cat love and care.  No it’s not just words. That is what I was facing many times during adoption.

It doesn’t matter a lot what kind of food she/he will eat. Important a cat feel safe and love and care. With the time you will see yourself how your lovely friend will blossom in front of you )

Very important advice is to show for the cat a place of the toilet.  If you don’t have time to go to a pet shop or to organize it fast it is enough to found some sand in neighborhoods and place it in some plastic wide box.  Help the cat to feel send by her paws. Just put her/him inside the box for the while.

And first of all don’t forget to shower the cat with a special shampoo for disinfection.

About food to fatten up a cat is a subject that you need to investigate. No need to run and buy a lot of dry food. The best is to check first if the cat can accept natural food.  If the cat refuses fresh or cooked meat and another thing that people eat, like oatmeal or sour cream, boiled potato than you should think to buy dry food.  No need to buy big amounts. It’s better to change kinds of dry food for a cat as a cat can get boring from one kind of dry food all the time.

The best way is to mix natural and dry food.  Will be good for all. You will be surprised but some times cats can eat cucumbers

All in all give your cat love and care and the result will make you very happy.

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