How to keep cats away from indoor plants

Having a green thumb will only get you so far with houseplants if you have (at least one) cats in the house determined to raise hell.

There are potentially a couple of different issues you can have with cats and plants. The first is that a few cats like to bite on leaves, leading to harmed plants or sick kitties.

Next is the simple reality that a few cats are meddlesome and will mess about plants, and thump things over for entertainment purposes.

Another unsavory issue can be cats who like to dig in the pruned dirt and use it as their litter box. This is unsanitary and will certainly kill your plants if it continues.

Things being what they are, what can you do to keep your cats out of your indoor plants?

Before you decide between your plants and your pets, attempt a couple of these techniques to assist everyone with getting along.

7 Effective Ways to Keep Cats out of Indoor Plants

1 – Use a Spray Bottle

This is the classic feline “training” technique. Have a spray container of water convenient, and give your feline a spritz when they get close to your plants.


You can find minimal effort spray bottles online (link to Amazon) or at a neighborhood home improvement shop.

While simple, this technique only works if you are home more often than not and can keep a personal eye on your plants.

A few cats will simply get sneakier and make mischief when you are not home, yet some will build up an aversion to the plants from this and simply avoid them in any event, when you’re nowhere to be found.

It merits giving it a shot to perceive how your feline responds, however keep in mind that not everyone thinks this is appropriate.

2 – Try a Repellent Spray

Presently we’re talking about sprays you use on the plants to repulse your cats. There are various strongly scented items available that can make your feline turn up its nose when it gets too close, or you can make your own with family unit ingredients.

Feline Near Plant

A mix of water and highly perfumed cleanser (like lavender or citrus) can function admirably, or utilize a puree of garlic in water for a similar yet increasingly impactful methodology.

If you have to get progressively serious, you can sprinkle some hot chili pepper around your plants for a similar impact. Simply know this can be painful for the cats if they get too much in their nose or in their eyes. Utilize cautiously.

Sometimes individuals suggest sprays with vinegar in view of the strong smell. Indeed, vinegar might be alright for you and your pets, however it is still an acid and will clearly kill the leaves of your plants after a spray or two. Definitely avoid this advice.

3 – Add a Layer of Stone Mulch

This is for the diggers. Cats like free soil to dig in for their toilet needs, which your houseplants will have bounty off.

Have a go at adding a layer of substantial rocks to the outside of the dirt. For whatever length of time that it’s not very tightly stuffed, it should still permit water to leak through to the soil underneath. It doesn’t have a similar vibe and won’t be as tempting as a litter box.

You could likewise utilize huge pieces of smooth glass, unpleasant pine cones, shells or broken ceramics if you lean toward an increasingly decorative look.

4 – Alter the Placement of Your Plants

You may need to fall back on simply moving your plants where your cats can’t get at them, which could be tricky if you have extremely agile and determined pets.

Hanging bushels that are not near some other furniture can be a smart thought or even containers that mount directly to the divider (no rack) and positioned out of reach.

Can you move your plants to life with a closeable entryway?

5 – Create Unpleasant Surroundings

Giving your feline a decent panic can be an extraordinary obstacle, and having something uproarious and startling happen when they bounce up by your plants can be sufficient to end the habit. This works best with plants on a table or rack where there is some additional room around the pots to work with.

A couple of approximately positioned tin-foil plates can make a racket if thumped over, for instance. You might need to get creative, depending on the territory where you have your plants. This technique may be reset every day, however.

Another similar idea is to make a sticky surface your feline won’t have any desire to stroll over. Twofold sided tape laid out between your plant pots can be incredible to make a barrier as long as you don’t permit enough space for jumping around between the tape.

6 – Clean the Litter Box

This can be the underlying driver of why cats are taking to your plant pots to do their business, however, a few pets will do it just to be difficult.

Ensure their appropriate litter box is cleaned much of the time, and in a simple to get to the location. Change the kind of litter if it appears that the feline is avoiding the case in any event, when clean.

Cats can decide to get picky following quite a while of similar litter items, so don’t discount this as an issue since things have long been “fine.”

7 – Provide Plants for Your Cats


Sometimes you can distract a leaf-chewing feline away from your houseplants by providing them with certain plants of their own.

A pot of catnip would presumably be too adored, however, you can keep a pot of mint, feline grass (really a mix of oat or grain grass) or thyme. Cats will in general like these, and they are entirely protected to be bitten occasionally.

Utilize several different techniques for your “genuine” plants, and your distraction ought to turn into the focal point of attention from your feline.

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