Most popular cat breeds in 2020 in US

Here we are answering a very popular question: what is the most popular cat in America?

Our researches give us the list of top 10 popular cats breeds below:

Cats Ragdoll

are rather kind, loyal, and very smart creatures that get along well in a family of any size. They are happy to be involved in playing and entertainment, retaining playfulness in adulthood.

Females are noticeably smaller than males, this breed is distinguished by a large physique and the correct shape of the muzzle.  Ears are medium in size, the neck is short, the tail is long and fluffy, the legs are also long and strong. Besides all this, Ragdoll retains the elegance of the lines and does not look heavy. There are many varieties of colors, with various impregnations and shades. Life expectancy is 15 years.

Maine Coon

has the typically curious nature of a cat. He is sociable but does not need attention, and if you want to spend time with him, he will only be happy.

He likes to have fun with smart toys, watch birds from the window and can learn to walk on a leash. Maine Coon is a very good choice for those who travel often and want their buddy to be always there. Maine Coon can adapt to any type of environment in any climate. He easily accepts the cold and life on the street. It gets rather well with dogs and cats of other breeds.

Maine Coon is an extremely large cat. Males of this breed weigh 6-10 kg, and females 4-7 kg. The height of adults can vary from 25 to 41 cm, and they can reach a length of up to 120 cm, including the tail, which can be up to 36 cm in length.

 The Persian cat,

also known as the Persian Longhair, is an elegant, graceful, delicate breed, the most distinctive features of which are its remarkable coat and its unique head.

A Persian cat can weigh from 3 to 8 kg, its height is about 25 – 38 cm. The average life expectancy is 15 years or more.

Persians are gentle, calm cats who like a serene atmosphere, and people who treat them kindly. For this reason, they are not recommended for noisy families, although they can be excellent companions for the elderly or single people and do not mind being alone from time to time.

Exotic cat breed Exotic cats

If you come home from work and want to relax near the TV in a soft armchair with a gentle cat on your lap – this is ideal.

Externally, exotic shorthair resembles a little teddy bear. The body is compact, the legs are not very long, strong, the tail is short. The neck is also short, the head is rounded, the muzzle is flat. There are many color options – from plain to tortoise, which provides greater freedom of choice.

Initially, the breed was bred by lovers of Persian cats, who, at the same time, wanted to get a pet with the same characteristics, with the same head structure and flat muzzle, but without long hair. This would greatly simplify the care, in addition, thanks to a completely different wool texture, such cats would have their own, unique aesthetics.

Siamese cats Siamese cat

is one of the oldest breeds that appeared in Thailand, which was previously called Siam, hence the name of the breed.

Siamese cat is one of the most recognizable breeds with its beautiful blue eyes and a specific color. These are extremely balanced cats that boast a sporty, flexible body and elegant, thin legs.

Males weigh from 4 to 7 kg and a height of 29-31 cm, and females weighing 3 to 5 kg and a height of 27 to 31 cm. They live about 12-15 years, although some of them are known to have exceeded this period.

 The American Shorthair

cat breed combines the best features of domestic cats – kindness, affection, patience, and love for people. They are quite smart, not aggressive, and not vindictive, strongly attached to their masters, and feel their emotional state. These cats will be happy to spend time with both an adult and a child, while at the same time maintaining independence.

American shorthair can be called large pets – adult males weigh 5-7 kg on average, females about 4 kg. The legs are muscular, the muzzle is wedge-shaped, the ears are of medium length. There are many different colors of this breed, from plain to tabby and tortoiseshell. The average life expectancy is 16 years, but can reach up to 20 or more – these cats are real long-livers.

abyssinian cats Most Abyssinian

adult cats have a medium-sized body, but they tend to be a little more “muscular” compared to other cat breeds of a similar shape and size. The weight of adults can reach 3-6 kg, and height from 28 to 32 cm.

Abyssinians are very smart, love to play, and interact with people. They will enjoy watching you read a book, watch TV or cook something in the kitchen. They will also look at the birds through the window with enthusiasm, so think about the opportunity.

The cat is perfect for the home with children, as well as with other animals, including dogs. The average life expectancy of an Abyssinian cat is between 12 and 16 years when properly cared for.

Birman cat breed Birman

cat is medium in size and usually weighs around 3-4 kg. They have a strong, muscular physique, legs of medium length, and medium-sized ears, regular triangular shape. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, the eyes are blue and expressive. The average life expectancy is 12-15 years.

This cat breed cat is very human-oriented and has great affection for members of his family and owner, which, first of all, manifests itself in behavior. A cat just loves being with his beloved person, regardless of his current activities. In other words, if you lay down to rest, eat, work, talk on the phone – it doesn’t matter. Your pet, in any case, will try to be, if not in your arms, then just next to you, in the same room.

sphinx cat breed Sphinxes

– perhaps the most legendary of all hairless breeds, which is associated with the duration of its existence, and this, for a minute, more than 50 years. The appearance of an alien guest, combined with a beautiful, loving character – these are the main features of these animals.

The Canadian Sphinx is active, playful, and will try to participate in all household chores. It is not recommended to leave him alone for a long time, so when you go on vacation it is better to take your pet with you. Even if you leave him with friends, he will miss and yearn for you. The Canadian Sphinx treats children well, and normally perceives strangers.

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